Friday, July 31, 2020

Javascript Object

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An object is a data type that is used to represent the state and behaviour of the entity. The state of the object is the properties of entity and behaviour is the action of the entity. we can understand it by an example. a person has body-colour, height, etc are the state and eating, walking, running is the behaviour. An object is the base of javascript because in javascript many things are the object or the sub-type of object example arrays and function, a function is the sub-type of an object. so without wasting time lets start now......

What is Object?

An object is the collection of properties. each property has a name and value pair. a property name is the key of object and value is associated with the key. Let's understand objects and properties with a real-life example...

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why XML Is Important ?

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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which is software and hardware independent. XML is not a language, it is a technology that is used to encoding document in a format which can be read by human and machine. XML was popular about 20 Years ago when there is not available any other technology for storing or transporting the data like JSON nowadays XML is not much popular than JSON. but at this time XML is popular in some place where XML plays an important role

Saturday, December 29, 2018

TheCodeInsider.Com First Post - Welcome Post

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Welcome to TheCodeInsider. This blog is started with vision share Techincal knowledge related to web technology, Application Technology, Programming and Digital Marketing. All Posts on this blog Which I will be published in the future based on my personal experience. I will share the code for every post (if any post requiring a code). I will give you my GitHub account link where you can download or see the codes.