Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why XML Is Important ?

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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which is software and hardware independent. XML is not a language, it is a technology that is used to encoding document in a format which can be read by human and machine. XML was popular about 20 Years ago when there is not available any other technology for storing or transporting the data like JSON nowadays XML is not much popular than JSON. but at this time XML is popular in some place where XML plays an important role

XML in Web Services

Web Services is a service that is available on a network (Internet). Web services is a piece of software that is used to exchange data between systems or application. To Encode the communication over a network XML is used. XML eliminates the dependency on an operating system, Software Or networking.

Advantage Over JSON

JSON is much popular than XML but in some place, XML beat JSON because XML provides some functionality that JSON does not provide.
1. XML supports various encoding, but JSON supports only UTF-8 encoding
2. Xml provides a data type like text, images, number, graph etc Which is the great advantage of XML to encode the document.

XML In Android Application developement

Better design of layout for application is an important part of the software development cycle, this is done by XML. How the application looks and where the components of application like button, text field, text view will be placed all these things are done by using XML. To set the size or dimension of a component and giving permission like to access the camera, files all activity are stored in XML file.

XML in Banking Corporates

XML is not limited to some field now XML is used in many banking sectors like SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). SEPA is a europian Countries initiative to make a cashless transaction between euro countries for that SEPA needed a uniform message system for that SEPA choose XML to make the transaction between two banks on same message system. Now XML payments are used globally, Most Of Banks supports XML payment system.


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